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Oxford Removal Company

If you’re planning on finding a removals company in Oxford, the best thing you can do is go with the professionals. At Oxford Removal Company, we offer specialised moving services to fit all kinds of moves.

Whether you’re planning on relocating to a different part of the city, moving your offices to a larger space or just moving down the street, our expert team has the skills and expertise to make your move easy, stress-free and far more practical for everyone involved. If you’re looking for incredible removal companies Oxford, look no further.

Professional house removals service in Oxford

Whether you’re a couple, family or moving solo, the whole process of moving house can be stressful, complicated and often challenging. That’s where our removals Oxford-wide services come in, supporting your upcoming move by taking the weight off your shoulders.

Our expert team can provide you with a free quote today for house removals Oxford homeowners can rely on, and you can rest assured that we treat all our customers’ belongings with the same care and respect that we would our own possessions. If you’ve got a move coming up in the Oxford area, then we’re the team you want to get you there in one piece.

Office relocations services in Oxford

For businesses that can’t handle a large amount of downtime, a quick and practical move is always the best way forward. By using professional office movers in Oxford, you can ensure that you’re back to business as usual in next to no time. From delicate electronics to bulky office furniture, we’re experienced in moving it all – and we can even help you with setup at the other end if needed.

Get in touch with us today for a free quote on your office move, and discover why offices choose Oxford Removal Company every day as the expert, professional service of choice.

Oxford’s most trusted moving and storage company

Multi-step moves can be a confusing process, whether you’re moving house or changing business locations. Thanks to our connections and storage solutions, we can ensure that your valuable belongings and essential goods are stored safe and sound, ready and waiting to be brought back into the daylight when they’re needed.

By choosing Oxford Removal Company, you’re choosing to work with a removals company in Oxford that puts your needs first – and will go above and beyond to get the job done to the highest possible standard.

Get in touch with our team today for your free quote, or to discuss how we can lend a hand for that upcoming Oxford move.

Frequently Asked Question About Our Removals Services in Oxford

Q. Do you move outside Oxford?

The Oxford Removal Company happily provides its services for all your home removal and storage needs. We operate across Oxfordshire and neighbouring areas such as Bicester, Cheltenham, High Wycombe, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Witney.

Q. How much do removals cost in Oxford?

Whether you require a commercial removals solution or are moving home in Oxfordshire, we are confident that we can beat any similar quote for a job. If you would like a consultation with no obligation, please get in touch today. One of our experienced team members will be happy to speak with you.

Q. Are there any hidden fees in your quote?

All costs are included within our quotes, so there won’t be any hidden surprises waiting for you after your move.

Q. Do you protect furniture during the move?

Not only will we protect your furniture, but we will handle everything else. On moving day, leave everything to us. You’ll only need to sit back, relax, and let our expert removals team do all the hard work. Our experienced removals experts based in Oxford are trained professionally to know the most efficient, safe ways to pack away the contents of your home to ensure each item is protected during transport. We will also be available to unpack your home at the other end of the move, too.

Local Information About Oxford

Oxford is located in Southeast England, the only city in Oxfordshire. Located 56 miles northwest of London, it is the home of the world-famous Oxford University, the oldest university in the English speaking world. The city’s industry relies heavily on automobile manufacturing, information technology, publishing, education, and science. Automobile Manufacturing Cowley is famous for its Plant Oxford car factory, which is now owned by BMW. This is the largest employer in Oxfordshire and employs upwards of 4,300 people. Cowley is also home to the European headquarters of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycles group as well as Oxfam GB, the international charity aid. Information Technology Oxford University itself has been the source of much innovation in the area. Companies such as Research Machines, Sophos and Oxford Instruments are all science and technology-based businesses in the Oxford area. In 1990, The Oxford Science Park was established, and the university-owned Begbroke Science Park can be found north of the city. Publishing Oxford University Press, a functioning department within the university, can be found within Oxford city itself. Education No greater example of education can be used than Oxford University itself, which has the best students and professors from around the globe. Science Oxford is the home of many museums, including the renowned Ashmolean Museum, the oldest museum in the UK and the world’s first university museum. The building was first erected in 1678-1683 to showcase a cabinet of curiosities granted to the University of Oxford in 1677. In 2009, the Ashmolean reopened to the public after a major redevelopment. Today you can find a number of great works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Turner, and Picasso, as well as a pristine Stradivarius violin called “The Messiah”, which is considered by many to be the finest example in the world.